For the first time the influencers followed by thousands of fans on the social networks are to makeover people who want to change their appearance, but this time not on the web…
The principle of the programme is simple; each week 3 major influencers compete with one another to find the best outfit for a participant. The professionals of influence will be judges by the number of “Likes”. And yes we really are in a competition 2.0!
The influencer who has best replied to the expectations will be awarded 2 points and the right to finish the makeover (beauty treatment and hairstyle). If the result of the transformation satisfies the candidate the influencer will win a final point …
But that is not all! The Queen of the Social Networks Lufy will be there to help the influencers in their choices but more than that, will have the last word! Why, because at the end of the competition she will award the last Likes. 5 Likes that could upset the competition…
She who obtains the most likes will be designated as « Influencer of the Week » and will win 1,000 euros


  • Start date: Monday 20th August at 17h15
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday at 17h15
  • CBroad casting Channel: TFX
  • Producer :Tf1 Production
  • Format : 52 min