This new game show hosted by Alex Goude offers a duel of celebrity contestants who play a game over five rounds.
The questions are based on the similarities and differences between human and animal behaviour.

  • 1st Round: ROARRRR ! Guess the cries of animals.
  • 2nd Round: Cheeky Monkey Reply to questions on animal particularities
  • 3rd Round: Has the cat got your tongue? Guess the animal described by Alex.
  • 4th Round: OH holy Cow ! Find the true or false from hilarious pictures of animals.
  • 5th Round: Flea on a Blanket! Reply to 10 rapid fire questions.

With Alex Goude, Juliette Sonet, vet, will give more detail on the subjects and will reply to questions on the themes that have arisen.
Research engineer, she practices Medical Imagery at the Veterinary Clinic and School of Lyon for domestic animals: Vet Agro Sup Campus Vet, one of the four veterinary schools in France.
Alex Goude was destined to follow the career of professional footballer until he was 18 years old then he was a driver for the Formula team of Renault.
He began as a journalist of video games for the magazines Picsou, Joypad, Mickey and Playstation Magazine.
After acting lessons, he did some writing and acting.
His TV career started on Disney Channel then M6, Canal+, France 2.
Today, presenter for Channel 4 he begins season 2018 with this new weekly programme.


  • Start date: Sunday 2nd September at 17h20
  • Broad cast :Every sunday at 5:20pm
  • Broadcasting channel : France 4
  • Producer : Warner Bros. International Television Production, France
  • Format : 45 min