After seeing this programme cats will no longer hold any secrets for you.
Broad cast every Sunday afternoon this programme is an exceptional experience to discover what cats do when we are not around.
100 Cats are filmed 24 hours a day during a month. It is a village in the south, in the Gard region, that has been chosen for the filming because there are more cats in the South West of France, relative to the population and there is a campaign to sterilise cats to regulate their population..
Thierry Bedossa stresses : « a fictional documentary that has produced results which can be used in science is a first ! ». One of the animal behaviourists of the programme is even going to use the new data to support his thesis on « the relationships and vocal communication between man and animals”…
Laetitia Barlerin and Thierry Bedossa, behavioural veterinaries help to understand cats.
For season 2, broad cast from summer 2018, the difference between town cats and country cats. Valerie Damidot contributes humorous remarks and off the wall commentary to the programme…


  • Broad cast season 1 : Wednesday 30th May at 21h
  • Broad cast season 2: Sunday 9th September at 16h05
  • Ch Broad casting channel : TF1
  • Presenter : Valérie Damidot
  • Producer : BBC Studios France
  • Format : 52 min