Each day a team of two will visit three holiday destinations in the South West or the Riviera to choose the best location for a vacation. To be selected the owners must prove themselves. They must make a good impression and convince the teams to spend their time at their place: cost, climate, activities, security, cultural interest…
The twosomes must, without consulting with the others, give a score subject to two conditions:

  • The quality of the accommodation
  • The activities which are available in the area

The holiday home owner will win 500 euros and as for the tourists, they are certain to have a dream holiday…


  • Broadcasting date season 2 date: Monday 24th june at 18h15
  • Broadcasting date season 1 date: Monday 30th july at 18h15
  • Broadcasting schedule: From Monday to friday at 18h15
  • Broad casting Channel: TF1
  • Presenter : Valérie Damidot
  • Producer :Tf1 Production
  • Format : 52 min