The 31st of August 1997, Lady Di lost her life in a car accident in Paris in the underpass of the Alma bridge. A tragic loss which moved the whole world.
Accident, murder, political conspiracy, personal vengance? A number of theories have been put forward to explain this dramatic event, but new elements, secret until now, have come to the surface.
Twenty years after the death of Lady Di the princess of hearts, some journalists have re-opened the investigation, have effected new reconstitutions of events, obtained opinions of the best experts and found new witnesses who have never spoken before. Ophélie Meunier presents these revelations, which illustrate under a different light the death of princess Diana.


  • Broadcast: Tuesday 30th May at 21.00h
  • Broadcasting Channel : M6
  • Presenter : Ophélie Meunier
  • Producer : Tony Comiti
  • Format : 110 minutes