This 90 minutes’ documentary invites you to enter the heart of the amazing and magic world of Disney!
With historic unseen images, you will discover every secret and mystery of this gigantic company which celebrates on July 17th in Los Angeles, the 60th anniversary of its first theme park.
Many questions will be answered:

– How did Walt Disney, the most awarded man in the history of cinema, with 26 Oscars, create such an empire?
– How did this genius fight all his life to create family parks aside from all his cartoons?
– What are the secrets of Sleeping Beauty’s castle?
– Why do they hire designers from the best fashion houses?
– How did they conceive the new Snow Queen show?
And many more questions…

You will also hear international hits interpreted by the greatest voices, such as Celine Dion or Elton John. At the same time, we will be following a family coming from the North of France for whom the Disney universe is a lifestyle. Especially for Valentin, 21, a Toy Story fan.
Not forgetting of course, the absolute star, created 90 years ago, Mickey Mouse.


  • Airing Time : July 17th, 2015
  • Broadcasting Channel : NRJ12
  • Producer : MAD PROD
  • Format : 90 minutes