In this adventure game, 10 candidates are sent far away to South Africa, and have to cooperate on several physical and psychological challenges in order to win up to 100 000 euros. When they succeed a challenge, they contribute to a common kitty that only one of them will win in the end.
But they all know there’s a mole among them. A candidate has accepted to play a double game. This candidate is the mole and acts for his /her own benefit.
Her/his goal: bluff the others and make them lose their challenge without being detected. Every time the team loses a challenge, the money goes directly into the mole’s kitty.
From the beginning, candidates have to investigate to try and reveal who the mole is. The mole has to do everything to keep her/his identity secret.
Alliances, suspicions, clues, fake tracks and pretences: everything can help the investigation. If a candidate discovers the mole’s identity during the final test, he/she wins the group’s kitty. But if the mole succeeds in hiding his/her identity until the end, he/she wins the game and goes home with the money she/he won.
In all cases, the winnings go to the most strategic candidate!


  • Airing Time : from Wednesday July 1st at 8:50pm
  • Broadcasting Channel : M6
  • Presenter : Stéphane Rotenberg
  • Producer : Endemol
  • Format : 110 minutes