The presenter, Grégory Cuilleron, meets Chefs in various countries to explore local cuisine. He wishes, in return, to have them discover French gastronomy, but more importantly, he meets the challenge of mixing both cultures in the same dish.
Grégory Cuilleron is both inquisitive and likes gastronomy. During his travels or stop overs, he is guided by a chef who shares his contacts with him, but also allows him to meet ambassadors of local gastronomy. In exchange, Grégory Cuilleron invites each person he meets during his journey for a meal, and gives them a few recipes on the way.


  • Airing Time : Every Thursday at 8:40
  • Saison 2: In progress
  • Broadcasting Channel : France 5
  • Presenter : Grégory Cuilleron
  • Producer: Terminal 9 Studios
  • Format : 52 minutes