The daily cinema show is hosted by the duo Valerie Amarou and Laurent Weil. With a team of columnists, they welcome their guests of the 7th art.
Leïla Kaddour-Boudadi offers off the wall interviews of guests and Lena Friedrich opens every week a new window on the “World on Lena” and goes to meet some cinema professionals.
We also find Thierry Cheze, who gives his expert commentary on French cinema as well as his colleague for American films Didier Allouch.
As for Yannick Dahan, he shares his expertise on character films and tv series. At last, with singularity and humour, Nicolas Rey’s column goes over the news.
As an exception, some special editions of the show are theme based and relocated for cultural events.
The cinema daily show attempts to make cinema accessible to everyone. Eclectic, exclusive, passionate and different, this magazine is the rendezvous of cinema lovers and audio visual arts.


  • Airing Time : weekly from 2010 to 2012 at 7h40pm
  • Broadcasting Channel : TPS Star
  • Hosts : Laurent Weil and Valérie Amarou
  • Producer : Black dynamite
  • Format: 52 minutes